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What are booking codes? How do I add booking codes?

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2019 05:03PM AEDT
Booking codes can be set up to allow discounts, or limit access to tickets. Rules using these codes can be set up in many different ways - get in touch with if you need help.

Booking codes are optional

Add one code

Login to your account and click into your event. Click on Codes & Discounts on the left hand navigation panel.

On a new screen it will show you any preexisting codes and discounts that have been set up in your event. If no codes or associated discounts have been set up, you will see the following screen:

On the lower left of your screen you will see 'add code', 'add discount' and 'import codes' - here is where you add booking codes. 

You can have an unlimited number of booking codes such as FRIEND, FAMILY, COMP, PROMOTER etc

Click add code - here you can write in any word or number combination that will be used as a code. You will need to enter the quantity of the amount of times a code can be used. You can enter in -1 to indicate no limit. 

Import many codes
You can import a list of booking codes to IWannaTicket. To do this, create the list of codes in an excel document with two columns. Label the two top columns:  Column A - Booking codes Column B - Quantity. Then list the codes and quantities below. When you are done, save the file in .CSV format. Then use the 'import codes' button on the lower left navigation panel of the 'booking codes' section. 

If you have many promoters we suggest starting their codes with the same beginning. Ie: PROM1, PROM2
This will prove useful later on when you are creating rules for these codes.


Once your booking codes are set up, you will next need to create an associated discount rule. To do this, select the 'add discount' button under the Actions tab on your screen.

A new pop up will appear asking you to create a 'rule description'. This is so that you can easily identify the discount code you've set up, for example, 'promoter booking code discount'. This will not show on the front end of the webpage.

When you 'add a rule' there are many combinations that you can have that apply discounts. If you have just one code (such as 'PROMOTER') you can set up a rule that says " If 'booking code is' - 'PROMOTER', then apply an discount of..."

Next you need to set up the discount type. You can set up an Overall Discount %, Overall Discount $, Per Ticket Discount $ and Per Ticket Discounted Name $. 

Once you have selected your desired type of discount rule, hit save and your discount + code will be active and ready to use. You can test the booking code by clicking on the event and using the code on the front end of your event page.

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