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How do I set up my first event?

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018 12:27PM AEDT
Thank you for setting up an account with IWannaTicket– the easiest way to sell tickets online. 
Follow these steps to set up the basics of your event:


Step 1: Name and Date
After logging in and clicking set-up new event, the first step you need to complete is to enter the title of your event and the date it will take place.

Note: If your event is over multiple dates - simply use one date now and add more later.
HELP ARTICLE-  Can I have multiple event dates, sessions and times?

Step 2: Venue Selection
On the same page you will be asked to add Venue information. You will be required to enter the location and capacity details of your venue. Enter: venue name, street address, state, postcode, country, timezone and total venue capacity. 

If you do not know the capacity - estimate and edit later. 
If the venue hasn't been confirmed- type in a tentative one and edit later.
If you have more than one venue - enter the largest one now and add more later through the sections list.

HELP ARTICLE- How do I add and change venues?

Step 3: Tickets
Below the venue section is where you can add your ticket types. You can have as many different ticket types as you like, for example, 'General Admission,’ ‘Over 18,’ ‘Child’ etc. You will also need to set the maximum number of tickets available for each type.

An example is shown:
Name: General Admission (ticket type)
Price: 20 (price of each ticket)
Quantity: 250 (how many are available to be sold)

Then click Add. Apply again to add other ticket types. Once this is done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will be taken to your event summary page. You can continue to set up your event by following the advanced steps below.


Step 4: Listing details

Event image
Once you are on the Event Summary page, click on the Listing Details tab on the left hand side navigation. Click the Hero image add an event image to your event listing. Ideally, the event image needs to be in jpeg format and be 325 x 245, or a 3:4 ratio. You can do this by clicking choose file, and, once an image has been selected, click send file.

Event abstract

In this section you can add a small blurb that encapsulates your event. 

Event description
In this section you can add a more in-depth description about your event. You have a number of formating options available and can add a link using our Wysiwyg editor. Please note, if you copy text from word, you will first need to copy into notepad to strip out the Microsoft word formatting.

Delivery method  
You can choose from one of four ticket delivery options. Select from:
  1. Send ticket via e-mail - this will send an e-ticket via email to your customer.
  2. Pick up from venue - An email with a receipt will be sent to your customer. You will need to add a note under Email and Ticket >>> email text, telling ticket buyers that they will need to pick up their ticket at the box office at the venue.
  3. Guest list at event, - An email with a receipt will be sent to your customer. You will need to add a note under Email and TIcket >>> email text, telling ticket buyers that they will need to bring ID.
  4. Delivery via post -  Ticket buyers will need to enter their postal address details. Ticket buyers will be sent an email with a receipt. You will be able to generate a list under Reports, so you can mail out tickets to your event.

Sale Status

Here you can update the sale status. You have three options:
  1. Not visible to the public - this means you can sell tickets via the Box Office but the event is not visible to the public via our homepage or from your subdomain.
  2. Available for sale - this means tickets can be bought via our homepage, your subdomain and via the Box Office.
  3. Available for sale from - this means that you can set a specific date and time from which your tickets will be available from. On your desired date/time of ticket sales, your tickets will automatically become available for sale from our homepage, your subdomain and via the Box Office.
  4. Sold out - this means tickets cannot be purchased.
  5. Withdrawn from sale - this means that your event and tickets aren't available or searchable anywhere online. 
Set a revenue target for your event to appear in your dashboard.
You can make advanced reservation options by selecting the box next to the option. These options include:

  • Use RA (reserved allocation) ticket selector: where seating allocation is required. Please note, if your event is reserve seating, contact as we will help you set this up. 
  • Allow admissions to be returned: this allows you to create a credit note. For more information on making a credit note, click here.
  • Make booking code mandatory: if you tick this box your ticket buyers have to enter code in order to purchase a ticket. For more information see the article on booking codes here
 When finished, make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Step 5: Adding dates

HELP ARTICLE-  Can I have multiple event dates, sessions and times?  
Note: Only applicable to events with more than one date.

If your event has more than one date, you can now add the extra dates by going to the Summary, and on the left nav, click Add Event Date. 

Then you will need to select the new date, time and venue configuration (if different from previous).

Now, on the drop-down menu, Change Date, select the date you just previously entered. Simply click Add Ticket Type and then fill out all the information required. This includes:

Name: Type of ticket, e.g. General Admission

Price: The price of the ticket

Sale State: Whether it is available for purchase yet or not; or if the event is sold out.

Venue Selection: Where it will be. Only change if it is different from previous event dates.

Quantity: How many are available for sale

Max Order: How many are available to order under one transaction

Min Order: The least amount of tickets that must be purchased under one transaction

Then click Save. Apply these steps again in order to add another date.

Goodluck with your event! Please contact if you need more help.

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