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How can I customise the look of my event listing?

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 03:07PM AEDT
IWannaTicket has a number of options for you to create an event listing that reflects your companies branding. You can add images to the event listing, you account and even your tickets. This allows your customers to recognise your event from the buying process to the door. 

Login to your account and enter your event. 
By using the left Navigation panel, go to 'Listing Details' tab. Here you will find many options for customising your event. 

You can change the Title of your event here.

The Hero Image for your event can also be changed at any time. This will be the main image for your event listing and appears on your event and well as when people share your event on social media.  It may be a promotional poster, a company logo or just an image related your event. The Hero image needs to be 325 X 250. 

IMAGE INSTRUCTIONS - Image sizes + how to add images

Here is an example of a Hero Image: 

You will also see 'Abstract' - which is a small amount of text that appears beside your hero image on your event listing. 
We recommend writing a sentence that sums up your event and grabs your customers attention. 

the 'Event description' is also in Listing Details and is where you can include all of the information about your event. Including: venue, acts, types of tickets available, special offers etc. 

Remember to scroll down and click SAVE after you make changes. 


Account based customisation appears on all of your events. We recommend it be your company logo or company colours. If you only have one event - you can make all the branding for your one event. Remember that if you have two events or more, the branding goes across all of them - so it can't be one event specific. 

In your top navigation panel, you will see  the 'Account' tab. Click on Customisation (left panel), you are able to add your companies branding, background image + background colour. Then hit save. 

Account Banner Image

Under this section you are able to upload your banner image that will appear above your event listing (account based level) and will appear on all of your events. The banner needs to be 950w x 150. This banner should represent your company's brand. If you are only planning to hold one event, your banner can represent your events branding. 

The banner can be easily deleted by clicking 'clear' next to the banner image in the 'customisation' section of your 'account'. 

Here is an example of both a banner image for an event listing and for the actual ticket 

Account Background image

You can also upload a background image which will appear behind your event listing. The background image needs to be exactly 1600 wide - or it will display incorrectly. It will appear faded behind your tickets and text. You can easily upload an image by going to the top navigation panel and selecting 'account'. Then on the left click -customisation'. The IWannaTicket banner automatically appears, you can change this. Click 'select an image' to upload your own.

Delete a background image: clicking 'Clear' next to the image -when you are in the 'customisation' section of your account. 

Here is an example of a background image:

Heading + Background colours 

If you want to change the colour of the major heading text on your event listing, simply enter a CSS colour hex into the text box. For example, for black text, you need to insert 000000. If you don’t know what this is, just send us an email us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Here is an example of what an event listing would look like with all these images uploaded: 

Here is another example of a customised event listing

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