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Instruction Manual - IWannaTicket iPhone Ticket Scanner App

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:40AM AEDT

IWannaTicket Ticket Scanner App v1.1

Instruction Manual 

1x iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4G / 4GS OR Internet enabled iPod touch.
1x mobile or WiFi Internet connectivity.
1x IWannaTicket login + password.
1x lamp or light source if in a very dark place to read QR codes.

(Please refer to Step 8 - Settings for more information)

Step 1. Download and install the application from the Apple App Store
search for 'iwannaticket ticket scanner'

Direct url:

Step 2. Launch the app on your iPhone and enter your login name and password that you use to login to your IWannaTicket account.
NB: this is case sensitive.
NB: You must be connected to the internet to download your events
to your device.

Step 3. Select the event from the My Events page that you want to check in guests for (in this example we have used Launch party)

Step 4. From the Event info page click check in to start checking in guests.

Step 5. Checking in guests
You have two options to check in your guests.

OPTION 1: Guest List (this is the default option)

Simply find from the list the name of the person
you wish to grant entry. Click on their name and you will
be prompted to admit this person. Names appearing in blue
have already been admitted, while black are yet to be admitted.

You can also use the search box at the top of the screen. 

OPTION 2: Scanning 

Click on the Scan button (bottom of Guest List page) to launch
the scanner
•Click start scanning.
•Simply hold place the white box around the QR code, this will
scan automatically.
•When finished scanning tickets click STOP SCANNING
•Turn ON the light if needed for dark areas (iPhone 4G or 4GS only)

Step 6. You can return at anytime to the Guest List option,

Step 7- Stats
You can also check your stats by returning to the
Event Info Page and clicking STATS.
This will give you a basic overview of tickets sold and scanned
NB: you must be connected to the Internet

Step 8 – Settings
From the Guest List page, you can access the Settings Page.
Simply click the Settings button (bottom right).

Manual Sync (Single Scanner)
The default setting is Manual Sync. This means that once you have
downloaded your guest list, you don’t need to be connected to the
Internet to check in guests. The App simply uses the guest list stored
locally on the device.

In Manual Sync mode, to sync back to the server simply hit the sync
button (top right on Guest List page).

Auto Sync (Multiple Scanners)
If you are using multiple scanners to admit guests, switch to Auto
PLEASE NOTE –You must have internet connectivity to use this mode.

If you are using WiFi and have a strong, reliable Internet
connection, use Auto Sync – Instant.

If you are using the mobile network to connect to the Internet OR
have a weak connection to the Internet, use Auto Sync – 10 mins.


I’ve logged in but I can’t see my event?
You must make sure that your event status in the iwannaticket Admin Panel is set to “available for sale”.

A guests name has turned red, all the other checked in guests are

This means that the guest has been checked in twice on different
Scanners prior to syncing back to the server.

I keep getting a network error message?
Check to see if you still connected to the Internet. If you have lost
connectivity or have a low signal and are in Auto Sync mode, you
will need to reconnect to the internet before continuing to scan.

It’s taking a long time to scan a ticket?
It is likely you have a weak connection to the Internet and are in
Auto Sync – Instant mode. Go to settings and change to
“Auto Sync – 20 mins” OR switch to Manual Sync.

I scanned a ticket for my event but it came up with “Can’t Admit,
Ticket may not be valid for  this event”?

You need to hit refresh (top right of screen) on the guest list page.


If you experience any issues with this application please contact

(P) 02 8065 9590
simply click on the Guest List Button (bottom left).

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