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What are additional fields? How do I create additional fields?

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 12:03PM AEDT
Additional Fields

You have the ability to capture information from your customers when they buy tickets to your event- through Additional fields. This information is coll
ected through the 'Additional Fields' feature. You can create custom questions and update these questions at any time and capture information varying from 'Address' 'How did you hear about us' to 'Dietary Requirements'. 

You also have the ability to decide if the 'ticket purchaser' or the 'ticket holder' is asked the question. This allows you to ask the 'ticket purchaser' questions that relate to them, and other questions that only relate to the 'ticket holders'. In some cases, you may have a mother buying tickets for her family, and you can choose what information you need about the mother, in contrast to the children. 

Explanation of how to ask different questions to your customers:
Ticket Purchaser - the person who pays for the ticket - in IWannaTicket they are called the 'Payee' (see image below)
Ticket Holder - the individuals who holds the ticket - in IWannaTicket these are segregated into your ticket names. In image below you can see 'Your ticket name... (1/12)', this is an example of a ticket name. If you 'tick' the box below this ticket - all customer who have this ticket will be asked the question.

Additional fields

To create and edit your additional fields, log in to your account and then click 'additional fields' on your left hand main navigation panel. 


Mandatory Questions: 

These questions are automatically selected - the Payee will be asked these questions before checkout. The 'payee' field is automatically 'ticked'. If you want to ask each 'ticket holder' these questions you must also 'tick' the box beneath the ticket name.

First Name
Opt in - to marketing emails from IWannaTicket + event organiser

Optional fields: "Add Fields"
These fields have been pre-made by IWannaTicket - they are commonly used fields and you can select to have them asked to your customers. 
DOB  - useful for events with over 18s
Custom Fields

Custom Fields: 
You can create your own questions. 
Click 'custom fields'. A pop up will appear where you can fill in the details for your new question. 


Information to fill out to create a 'custom field':

Short name -  a summary of your question for quick reference in the admin page
Question - the full question for your customers
Question Position - where the question will sit after the mandatory questions. You have to enter numbers above 300, to indicate position. So, either 301, 302, 303 or 300, 400, 500, 
Question Type - a drop down box will appear - these options determine how the question appears to your customers. 

Explanation of the Question Types:

Text Box- small horizontal text box for short answers
Text Area - larger rectangle box for longer answers
Select Box - a drop down box where your customer can set from any of the options below.

EG: Where did you hear about us?
Option A
Option B
Option C

Compulsory Question - you can choose if your custom question is mandatory in this drop down option.
Min Character Length - useful for concession tickets - ensures the correct amount of numbers are entered.
Max Character Length - useful for concession tickets - ensures the correct amount of numbers are entered.
Valid Expression - useful for answers that need to have a number, or a symbol. 

There is also a NEW FEATURE for Drop Down Questions. 
If you create a custom question with a drop down field - you can use the first line to give a directive to your customers. EG: "Select from one of the options below". You can then select 'the 'limitation' that customers 'must select an option other than the first line' - which means the customer must answer the question before proceeding to checkout. 


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