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Can I have multiple event dates, sessions and times?

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 03:48PM AEDT
IWannaTicket has the ability to host a large scale events with multiple event dates, multiple venues, session times, camping options, merchandise options. 

We also have the capability to allow pre-release (early bird) tickets, payment plan options and more!
The WOMADelaide Festival has multiple options for ticketing. Three different types of festival pass (3 day and 4 day), as well as early bird ticketing, pre-sale, on the door prices and payment plans.
If you’re event has multiple stages and areas, you can create venue sections that direct people to specific areas. This is perfect for multiple venues within a festival, different seating areas or creating exclusive VIP sections.
You can also have mulitple events that are linked, but set up within one event title. If you were to host a Masterclass Series, you could have a Dinner event and a Presentation, which are considered separate events, but exist within one event listing. This allows customers to book tickets to each linked event easily and in one transaction.


Multiple Event Dates: When you create an event, IWannaTicket asks you to choose one event date to begin with. After the first date it set up, you can add multiple dates  (at any time). To do this, go to the bottom left navigation panel and click 'add event date'.

You can also label these dates to make them easy to navigate. EDIT EVENT DATE HELP ARTICLE HERE

Multiple Venues: When you create an event, IWannaTicket asks you to use or create just one venue. The name of this venue will appear in the 'Venues' section of your account. As you create tickets, this Venue name will be automatically selected as the venue for your tickets. 

If you have two venues - IWannaTicket will only let you select one. However you can create multiple 'venue sections' - which will appear as separate venues. So, if i had a venue called VENUE A and I wanted to use VENUE B, I could actually nest VENUE B, inside VENUE A. That way IWannaTicket allows it and your customers get the correct venue name. 

The details of all venues can be changed at any time. 
Go to 'Venue' on your top navigation panel, select the venue by clicking 'edit'. Then it will open the details of you venue which can be easily changed. 


Multiple Stages + areas: 

Within any venue, you can create 'venue sections' - which allow you to differentiate varying areas of one venue. So VENUE A, can have ROOM A, ROOM B, ROOM C in it. You can select which 'venue section' applies to each ticket. This is great for festivals, that use multiple stages for different performances. It is also great for Venues that have multiple bars or vip areas. 

Go to 'Venue' on your top navigation panel, select the venue by clicking 'edit'. Then it will open the details of you venue. On the left panel you will see 'Sections list'.  Click this. It will open the sections that you have created for your venue. All sections can be edited easily. 

You can set the capacity of each 'venue section' to reflect the capacity of an area of a bar, capacity around a stage etc.  Please note, the sum total of each section will create your overall capacity. If it appears as thought you are unable to sell more tickets because the 'allocation is exhausted' then you may want to consider changing the capacity of the venue section - that relates to the allocated ticket. 

Multiple Session Times: 
You have the ability to set an event date to have many event times. This is perfect for an event that has multiple sessions - such as movie screenings, meetings, interviews, fittings. 

Simply 'Add event date' and make it the same time, or a new session time. 

Camping Options: 
Camping tickets can be set up as normal tickets or Merchandise tickets (help links below). 

Merchandise Options: 
How do I add merchandise tickets to my event? (Appear on page after tickets)
How do I add merchandise tickets to my event? (Appear on same page as tickets)


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