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How do I add and change venues?

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016 02:53PM AEDT
Every event that you set up is aligned with a venue, here is all the information you need about Venues to get you going. If you need more support contact

Setting up a new Venue:
When you set up your event it will ask you to select one venue. If you haven’t created a venue yet, it will ask you to fill in the details. These details will then be saved in the ‘Venues’ tab in your account. You can edit these at any time. You can add further venues in your account - however only one venue can be used per event. (Read on there are ways to get around this below).
This is the overarching name of your venue, whether this be a bar, a stadium or festival grounds.
Venue sections:  (Sections list)
Within each venue name you can make ‘venue sections’, which can be named for individual spaces within the main venue. So you can make them different rooms within a bar, several concert stage names or areas at a festival. This means you can have a festival and have tickets that entitle people to specific areas such as VIP, or premium seats. 

Venues sections are used to distinguish spaces in one venue. However, you can also use venues sections to create multiple venues that exist under one umbrella name.

Venue - Sydney Bars
Venue sections - Bar 1
Bar 2, 
Bar 3 etc 

To create and edit these sections go to the 'Venue' tab at the top of your screen. Click a specific venue's 'edit' button. then on the left navigation panel click - ‘sections list’. It will lead you to the sections within each venue. Here you can ' create section' or edit a preexisting one.

Each section has it's own capacity. The section capacity is the total number of tickets you can sell for this section across all ticket types. i.e. if your venue section has a capacity of 100 and you set up the following ticket types and capacities:

Adult - 100
Child - 100

You will be able to sell a total 100 tickets in any combination of these two ticket types. You will not be able to sell 200 tickets as this would exceed the venue section capacity. Quick tip: when you create each ticket type check you have selected the correct venue section.

You can change this number at any time. If you click 'edit' on the venue section it will open a pop-up with options for changing the sections name and capacity. Please note Venue Configuration Tags info below- before saving.

Venue Configuration tags: 
It is important to note the 'configuration tags' that appear on this pop up. They must be selected in order for your venue section to function properly. Simply click the tags that appear in blue next to 'configuration tags'. These tags are set within each venue section. They relate to coding behind your event. We recommend that you select the ‘default tag’ and any other ‘configuration tags’ that appear next to ‘default’. Then save.
If the venue of your event changes:
It will appear as though IWannaTicket will not let you change the event venue. However, there is an easy way to change this. You may not be able to select another venue, however you can change the details of the preexisting venue.  Simply rename the venue that was initially created for your event to the new venue.

A common problem is that people think you have to create a new event - this is not the case!
Change the details of a venue:
When you open your account it will open to the ‘Events’ page. At the top of your screen there is a ‘Venue’ section- click this. You will now see a list of the venues that you have created. Each venue can be edited through the ‘edit’ button on the right hand side.
Then within each venue you can change the ‘venue sections’ through the same ‘edit’ function.
If a Venue Section isn’t appearing on a ticket:
A common problem is that when you are editing a ‘ticket type’ the venue section you have created isn’t appearing – or it won’t let you save. This is because not all ‘venue configuration tags’ have been selected. Follow steps above to resolve.  

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