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Quick Guide- How To Use The IWannaTicket Scanner App

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:41AM AEDT

The app is self-intuitive and new users will become ‘experts’ after a few scans. For those that don’t like reading manuals, here are the key points:

1.    Make sure you are connected to a WiFi Network or if you are using an iPhone that you are connected to your carrier (eg: Telstra) and have good signal strength.

2.    To download the App to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, search IWannaTicket Ticket Scanner in the Apple App Store.

3.    Login the same way you do into the IWannaTicket admin site (the same user can login to multiple scanner apps).
4.    Once you log in - make sure to choose the correct event.

5.    When you click into the event, you will be taken to the page with your guest list. To scan a ticket, click scan in the menu at the bottom of the page.

6.    When scanning a ticket:
a.    Hold the scanner 30cm away from the e-ticket. (The closer you are, the longer it takes to scan) 

b.    Once the camera has focused on the QR code (the square box), a slight sidewards movement of either the paper e-ticket or the scanner is what will trigger the scan

7.    If the QR Code is damaged or the customer has forgotten their ticket, you can click “Stop Scanning” which will return you to the guest list mode where you can search for the individual name using the search box (enter surname or first name only). Once you find the name simply tap it to check in the guest.

8.    You can see how many tickets you have scanned under Stats.

Trouble shooting

1.    Invalid tickets message - If you scan a ticket and it comes up with an invalid ticket message, try the following:
a.    Read the ticket and make sure it is valid for the event;
b.    Hit the sync button at the top right of the page with the guest list and try scanning the ticket again
c.    If the ticket is still scanning as invalid, send the guest to your supervisor to decide if the guest should be let in.

2.    Ticket already scanned message – This often happens when you hold the scanner over the QR Code too long and it scans the ticket twice in quick succession, if this happens, just let the guest in.

3.    Low Battery - Make sure Bluetooth is turned off to save battery life and keep a charger handy.
4.    Loading data doesn’t finish or app freezes - logout and login again or delete App and reinstall!

5.    Network error due to low connectivity – Go to Settings and switch off Auto-sync
For more detailed instructions please click here

Support: If you experience any issues please contact  
Or for emergencies - call Jonathan on 0423 771 248

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